50 Jahre Uni Lübeck

Institut für Theoretische Informatik

Publikationen 1996


  • A. Jakoby, C. Schindelhauer
    On the Comlexity of Worst Case and Expected Time in a Circuit
    Proc. 13. Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science STACS'96, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1046, 1996, 295-306
  • R. Freivalds, T. Zeugmann
    Co-Learning of Recursive Languages from Positive Data
    Proc. Perspectives of System Informatics, 2nd Int. Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference, (D. Bjorner, M. Broy and I. Pottosin, Eds.) Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1181, 122 - 133
  • S. Lange, R. Wiehagen, T. Zeugmann
    Learning by Erasing
    Proc. 7th Int. Workshop on Algorithmic Learning Theory, (S. Arikawa and A.K. Sharma, Eds.) Springer Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1160, 228 - 241


  • M. Liskiewicz, R. Reischuk
    The Sublogarithmic Alternating Space World
    SIAM Journal on Computing 25, 1996, 828-861
  • M. Dietzfelbinger, M. Kutylowski, R. Reischuk
    Feasable Time-Optimal Algorithms for Boolean Functions on Exclusive-Write Parallel Random-Access Machines
    SIAM Journal on Computing 25, 1996, 1196-1230
  • G. Buntrock, G. Niemann
    Weakly Growing Context-Sensitive Grammars
    Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, Article 4, Nov. 1996
  • C. Schindelhauer, R. Reischuk
    An Average Complexity Measure that Yields Tight Hierarchies
    Computational Complexity 6, 1996/1997, 133-173
  • S. Lange, T. Zeugmann
    Set-Driven and Rearrangement-Independent Learning of Recursive Languages
    Mathematical Systems Theory, 29, 6, 1996, 599 - 634
  • S. Lange, T. Zeugmann
    Incremental Learning from Positive Data
    Journal of Computer and System Sciences 53, 1, 1996, 88 - 103
  • S. Lange, T. Zeugmann, S. Kapur
    Monotonic and Dual Monotonic Language Learning
    Theoretical Computer Science 155, 2, 1996, 365

Monografien, Editorium, Buchbeiträge

  • R. Reischuk
    Zeit und Raum in Rechnernetzen,
    Highlights aus der Informatik, I. Wegener (Ed.), Springer 1996, 155-176
  • C. Puech, R. Reischuk, (Eds.)
    Proc. of the 13. GI-AFCET Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, 1996
    Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1046, 1996
  • D. Dolev, R. Reischuk, F. Schneider, R. Strong,(Eds.)
    Time Services, Dagstuhl-Seminar-Report 138, 11.-15.3.96 (9611)
    Internationales Begegnungs- und Forschungszentrum für Informatik Schloss Dagstuhl, 1996


  • D. Dolev, R. Reischuk, R. Strong
    Reading Clocks by Eavesdropping
    Dagstuhl-Seminar-Report 138, 1996, 14
  • R. Reischuk
    Observable Clock Synchronization
    Dagstuhl-Seminar-Report 138, 16
  • T. Erlebach, P. Rossmanith, H. Stadtherr, A. Steger, T. Zeugmann
    Efficient Learning of One-Variable Pattern Languages from Positive Examples
    DOI Technical Report DOI-TR-128, Department of Informatics, Kyushu University, December 12, 1996
  • S. Lange, R. Wiehagen, T. Zeugmann
    Learning by Erasing
    RIFIS Technical Report RIFIS-TR-CS-122, RIFIS, Kyushu University 33, February 13, 1996