50 Jahre Uni Lübeck

Institut für Theoretische Informatik

Ereignisse 1997

Konferenzen und Veranstaltungen

  • Antrittsvorlesung

    Dr. Gerhard Buntrock: „Hat Noam Chomsky eine Sprachklasse übersehen?“,
    Termin: Donnerstag, 22. Mai 1997, 11 Uhr c.t.
    Ort: Hörsaal V1, Med. Universität zu Lübeck

  • STACS'97

    27. Februar - 1. März 1997 an der MU Lübeck, Institut für Theoretische Informatik


  • 27. Mai 1997, 16 Uhr, Raum 20, SFS
    Prof. Dr. Eric Allender, Rutgers University
    Circuit Complexity before the Dawn of the New Millennium

    The 1980's saw rapid and exciting development of techniques for proving lower bounds in circuit complexity. This pace has slowed recently, and there has even been work indicating that quite different proof techniques must be employed to advance beyond the current frontier of circuit lower bounds. Although this has engendered pessimism in some quarters, there have in fact been many positive developments in the past few years showing that significant progress is possible on many fronts.

    This talk will give a gentle introduction to the field of circuit complexity, and give a survey of the most important successes and failures of the field. Particular emphasis will be placed on the main obstacles to progress that have been identified, as well as on recent advances toward overcoming these obstacles.

  • 25. Februar 1997, 16 Uhr, Raum H1, SFS
    Eric Ruppert, University of Toronto
    Determining Consensus Numbers