50 years Univerity of Lübeck

Institute for Theoretical Computer Science


Steganographie / Steganalyse

Christian Pohlmann, Andreas Schleifer, Christopher Strecker, Jan-Hendrik Dolling, Stephanie Freitag

  • StegoTool: Program for the Development and Application of Steganography and Steganalysis Techniques.

Computational Biology

Johannes Textor

  • LImmSim: An agent-based model of the immune response.


Frank Balbach , Andreas Jakoby

Data Mining

Björn Hoffmeister, Thomas Zeugmann

An Average Case Optimal 1- Variable Pattern Learner

Rüdiger Reischuk , Thomas Zeugmann


Christian Schindelhauer, Cand Inf. Matthias Koberg, Cand Inf. Tobias Schößler