Institut   für
Theoretische Informatik
Universität zu Lübeck

15th International Symposium on
Fundamentals of Computation Theory (FCT) 2005
17-20 August 2005


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FCT was established in 1977 as a biennial event for reserachers interested in all aspects of theoretical computer science, in particular in algorithms, complexity, and formal and logical methods. The previous FCT conferences were held in the following cities:

FCT 2003   Malmö/Sweden                        LNCS 2571,

FCT 2001   Riga/Lativa                              LNCS 2138,

FCT 1999   Iasi/Romania                           LNCS 1684,

FCT 1997   Kraków, Poland                       LNCS 1279,

FCT 1995   Dresden, Germany                  LNCS 965,

FCT 1993   Szeged, Hungary                    LNCS 710,

FCT 1991   Gosen-Berlin, Germany           LNCS 529,

FCT 1989   Szeged, Hungary                    LNCS 380,

FCT 1987   Kazan, Russia                         LNCS 278,

FCT 1985  Cottbus, Germany                   LNCS 199,

FCT 1983  Borgholm, Sweden                  LNCS 158,

FCT 1981  Szeged, Hungary                     LNCS 117,

FCT 1979  Wendisch-Rietz, Germany       Akademie-Verlag, Berlin, 1979,

FCT 1977 
Poznan-Kórnik, Poland            LNCS 56,