This is the third event in a conference series that explores new ways of helping students to achieve 21st Century competencies in mathematics and computer science focusing on algorithmic and computational thinking (computer science unplugged). The previous conferences, held in Darwin, Australia, in 2013 and in Chennai, India, in 2014 (Videos from 2014) saw a unique interaction between computer science / mathematics researchers and educators and artists (theatre, dance, graphic arts).

Participation in the conference is open to everyone, however limited by logistical constraints. The registration for non-presenting participant will be opened in July.


  • We always meet a Building 70 (the tower building)

  • You can find the PDF with all informations here

  • The informal gathering will take place at the Brauberger today, which is located in the Alfstrasse 36.

  • Some information on transportation to our location is now available.

  • The program is now available.

  • The registration is now open.

  • On the afternoon of Friday (7th October) a small workshop on FPT (fixed parameter tractability) will be held at the same place right after the conference.