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StegoTool is a steganography and steganalysis application and development framework written in Python.

It provides various pre-implemented steganographic algorithms to embed data both in the spatial and frequency domain of images. These algorithms range from simple LSB substitution to more advanced algorithms such as F5 which manipulate DCT coefficients of JPEG files. StegoTool also includes several steganalysis algorithms which detect if an image has been tampered with. All implemented algorithms are part of a plugin infrastructure. This makes it easy to extend StegoTool by writing custom plugins which implement a steganographic or steganalytic algorithm.

The GUI makes it easy to load/use plugins and also provides further functionality such as storage for frequently used files (media pool) and commonly used image operations like computing (DCT) histograms and difference images.

Data can also be encrypted before embedding using different encryption algorithms such as RC4 and a DES variant.


Currently, the following dependencies have to be met in order to run StegoTool:

If there are no binary packages for your system for some of these libraries and you don't want to build them from source, it may be an option to install the Enthought Python Distribution, which includes all the above mentioned packages (there is an academic version of the distribution).

NOTE: StegoTool does not run with any version of Python 3.

With these libraries StegoTool will run, but only without the graphical user interface (with the -n option). For the GUI, the following libraries are needed:

To build the documentation, a recent LaTeX distribution is needed.

If the dependencies are installed, the StegoTool can be build from the downloaded .tar.gz archive with the following commands:
  tar xfvz StegoTool*.tar.gz
  cd StegoTool*
  python setup.py build

This will generate the LaTeX documention and build the C Extension which interfaces with libjpeg. The StegoTool can be started then with
  ./StegoTool or python src/StegoTool.py


StegoTool-0.1.tar.gz - gzipped tar-ball containing the StegoTool source.
Dokumentation - Dokumentation StegoTool