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LImmSim is an agent based model of the vertebrate adaptive immune response. It is based on the Celada-Seiden model (see P. E. Seiden and F. Celada, A Model for Simulating Cognate Recognition and Response in the Immune System, Journal of Theoretical Biology 158:329-357, 1992) and existing implementation by Filippo Castiglione (C-ImmSim, see M. Bernaschi and F. Castiglione, Design and implementation of an Immune System Simulator, Computers in Biology and Medicine, 31(5):303-331, 2001). Some interesting features of LImmSim are:

How to Download and Use LImmSim

  1. Download the gzipped tar-ball and extract it. (A new directory named limmsim will be created).
  2. Type "make" to compile LImmSim. You need g++ installed. An alternative makefile "Makefile.solaris" is provided which works (for us) on Solaris. If the makefile does not work for you, please drop me a line so I can improve it.
  3. Get started by executing "limmsim-gui.tcl" and playing with the parameters. To run the GUI, you need the tcl/tkl shell "wish". On Ubuntu Linux, for example, you can install the package "tcl8.4"
  4. Read the file named "README" which contains a bit more information.
  5. Send me your feedback and questions. Make improvements to LImmSim and release them under the GPL :)

Alternatives to LImmSim

The following alternative implementations of the Celada-Seiden model are known to me:


limmsim.tgz - gzipped tar-ball containing the LImmSim source.

Ah, by the way ... "LImmSim" stands for "Lübecker Immunsystem-Simulator".